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Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia (ITG)

Instituto Tecnológico de Galicia Foundation is a private non-profit R&D&i Technology Center. It has certified its Quality Management System (UNE-EN ISO 9001 Standard) and its R&D&I management system (UNE 166002 Standard | CEN/TS 16555-1:2013), and it was set up in 1991 and it was declared Foundation of Galician interest by the Regional Government.ITG is recognized as a Technology Center for the Ministry of Economic and Competitiveness of the Spain Goverment (registration number 115) and, in addition, has an Office for Research Results Transfer, recognized for the same national authority (Reg. Number 153)

The entities which constitute its Board of Trustees are: Architects, Civil Engineers and Industrial Engineers Associations of Galicia; Mining Engineers’ Assoc., Galician Agronomic Engineers’ Council, Naval and Oceanic Engineers’ Assoc.; Galician Businessmen Confederation, the Research Vice-rectors of A Coruña, Vigo and Santiago de Compostela Universities and the Regional Government.

ITG combines scientific knowledge with extensive business experience, in order to address technological industrial demand from a holistic perspective, developing their main areas of activity in the field of CONSTRUCTION & SUSTAINABILITY, ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY EFFICIENCY, and INFORMATION & COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY (ICT).

Deputación de Pontevedra

Activities mandated by the Spanish legislation to the Country Councils include three main areas: administrative, economic development and employment promotion activities and projects and technical nature in any production, cultural or social sector. The Council of Pontevedra is, therefore, a public institution that represents more than 900,000 citizens of the 62 municipalities that are included in the province of Pontevedra.  

It has a staff of more than 1,000 administrative and technical specialists professionals organized in different areas (Social Action, Environment, Architecture, Infrastructure, Municipalities Cooperation, Intermunicipal Assistance, Culture and Sport and New Technologies) to develop all types of projects and activities for small and medium size municipalities, which do not have the necessary resources for the implementation of initiatives and strategies for environmental, social, cultural, etc., removing the imbalances between geographical areas and centers of population concentration: indoor / coastarl, rural / industrial, etc.

During the last yeards, it has been maden an important investment in the environmental area of several municipalities; actions that without this support would not be possible to carry due to the small size of these municipalities. Among the actions developed in this area, are included the following: Forest and Beach Areas Cleaning and Recovery Projects and Plans; Solid Waste Management; Sanitation and Waste Water Treatment in Rural Communities; Heritage and Cultural Regeneration; Training in different sub-sectors; Visual and Landscape Impacts Remove; environmental management and environmental accounting; cooperation with non-profit entities and reducing greenhouse gases Plans. Sanitation and Waste Water Treatment activities in rural communities has been very important, using different investment plans like POL (Local Operating Plan) and PAM (Municipal Action Plan) for sanitation networks construction projects and also projects co-funded by European Commission like DEPUTRANS, REDESANEA and ECOREDESANEASOL.


Physis SrL es una empresa de ingeniería ambiental fundada en Florencia en 1989 gracias a un grupo de profesionales y jóvenes investigadores de la Universidad de Florencia. La compañía combina las habilidades técnicas y el rigor científico en el campo de la ingeniería ambiental y cuenta con un personal de alto especialistas para garantizar los servicios innovadores y de calidad.

Physis SrL is an environmental engineering company founded in Florence in 1989 by a group of professionals and young researchers from the University of Florence. The company combines technical skills and scientific rigor in the field of environmental engineering and has a specialized staff in order to ensure its high quality and innovative services. Physis provides technical support to public and private organizations, such as municipalities, national agencies, environmental services operators, water systems operators, districts, regions and the company operates primarily in the following areas: planning and risk hydraulic control, water, hydraulic design of facilities, design of water treatment systems, water treatment systems, water management systems; environmental modeling, resource management, solid waste management, industrial planning of public services, environmental impact assessment, cost-benefit analysis of investment plans, training A skilled know-how has been acquired in each field of interest, supported in many cases, by numerical simulation. In particular, it applies to:

- ­ Description of environmental phenomena (pollution control, flood forecasting, water resources assessment, water quality)
- ­ Plants modeling processes (water networks, sewage systems, variable uniform motion, uniform and varying recovery movement, gas networks, storage management, ...)
- ­ Characterization of biological and chemical-physical treatment processes (activated sludge, SBR, ozonolysis).
- ­ Characterization of biological and chemical-physical treatment processes (activated sludge, SBR, ozonolysis) 


Project co-financed

 LIFE12 ENV/ES/000687


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