Physis - West Systems has taken part in the 2016 edition of the Accadueo Exhibition (H2O)

22 October 2016
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22nd October, 2016 – Physis – West Systems has taken part in the 2016 edition of the Accadueo H2O) Exhibition, the “International exhibition on water, technologies, treatments, distributions, sustainability”, held from 19th to 21st October, in the exhibition enclosure of Bologna Exhibitions. H2O is the reference exhibition for the water services sector, focusing on technologies for treating and distributing drinking water and on wastewater.

Held every two years, the exhibition ranks among the most outstanding events held in Europe, thanks to the importance of the issues discussed in the field of the programme for the conferences, with internationally important people, and thanks to the presence of the most relevant companies in the sector, to guarantee a markedly specialized exhibition.

The 2016 edition of H2O marks a real change of direction, thanks to a renewed, more articulated strategic approach, which positions H2O in the centre for operators on the look out for information, solutions and technologies in three clearly identified thematic areas:

  • H2O URBAN, which will coverthe traditional field of technologies and procedures for the management of water supply, processing and wastewaters for civil use. This addresses public companies in environmental services, construction companies, planners and distributors.
  • H2O INDUSTRY, the exhibition specializing in the management of waters in the industrial field, specifically focusing on the agricultural-food sector, power exploitation and production.
  • CH4, the sector exploring the world of technologies and systems for transporting and distributing gas, providing in-depth information on the most important outlooks for development.

The West Systems stand has illustrated the main activities of engineering in the company, while also showcasing the informative material of the European projects in which it participates. Apart from SANePLAN, the BIOCLOC Life Project has been showcased on wastewater treatment, with which a networking agreement is in place. All visitors interested have been welcomed with leaflets, videos and triptychs explaining the contents of SANePLAN, while a team is present at all times available to answer any queries. While the exhibition is on, the activity of compiling contacts to later broaden the diffusion network continued, mainly in the community of key actors and in the technological scientific area.


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