Presentation of the SANePLAN information system

09 December 2016
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Jornada DEPO ITG Saneplan

9th December, 2016 – The acting Chairman of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, David Regades, presented the seminar, this morning, to be held on 20th December next, where the SANePLAN information system will be showcased.

The event, addressing the technical personnel from 62 town councils in the Pontevedra Province, will showcase an innovative computing tool for the integral management of municipal sanitation. Accessible on the internet, the software has been developed in the framework of the European environmental project – SANePLAN – in which this institution at provincial level alongside the technological centre – ITG – and the Italian company – Physis SRL - will be taking part.

A tool that makes it possible to take the most appropriate decisions in order to guarantee an efficient, sustainable management of sanitation, a basic service in our municipalities"

It is scheduled to be installed in Cambados, Ribadumia, Baiona and Vilanova de Arousa, town councils in which over 425 kilometres of sanitation systems have already been analysed”
David Regades commented as acting Chairman of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra

Personnel from the technological centre – ITG – will give a practical demonstration of how this application functions, which makes it possible to geo-reference infrastructures, analyse power consumption, costs and environmental impact, study CO2 emissions, record and manage incidents, analyse critical points in the system and simulate future scenarios taking into account new urban developments or seasonal overpopulation.

It is already possible to know what sanitation infrastructure is required for any given population or association, if it is capable of serving new populaces or if climate change can affect the existing sanitation infrastructure. It also makes it possible to update the infrastructure inventory, monitor actions underway, have a control over the purifying process, conduct various simulations or evaluate the waste water generated.

The system helps to identify, manage and prevent any problems that the municipal sanitation system manager may be faced with"

It has involved a joint effort by a multinational, multidisciplinary working group and we are truly satisfied with the result"
Lucía Garabato Gándara, Engineer of Roads, Canals and Ports

This initiative has a budget of €1,513,376 in the period 2013-2016, and has been co-funded by the EU with €756,688. It is driven by the ITG Technological Centre, the County Council of Pontevedra and the Italian company, Physis, it has been approved by the European Union in the framework of the LIFE+ Programme in the framework of the line of Environmental Policy and Governance (LIFE12 ENV/ES/000687). Besides the development of an information system to allow for the “Integrated Planning and Sustainable Management of Sanitation Infrastructures”, the SANePLAN has also created a knowledge community for the management of water, incorporating 233 people from different institutions in Italy and Spain, and has carried out awareness actions with an audience of more than 100,000 people.


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Project co-financed

 LIFE12 ENV/ES/000687


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