[related new] Intelligent flow meter to optimize distribution networks of drinking and irrigation water

15 June 2016
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Equipped with intelligence to identify and predict leaks, the intelligent, low cost WETnet flow meter makes it possible for water companies to substantially improve their ability to control the distribution networks of drinking water, reduce energy costs and emissions and, in turn, make a better use of water resources.

"WETnet has already been installed in pilot areas with 100,000 inhabitants, and has more than 300 operating units in Italy, France, the Philippines and Australia"

The result of more than 10 years of joint research between the Technological Institute of Galicia (ITG), a foundation officially recognized as a national technology centre, and its Italian partners linked to the main manager of water in the Tuscany region.

WETnet is an insertion technology based on an innovative flow sensor built into pressure pipes, and in a supervising system designed to improve the ability to monitor in water distribution networks. Designed to provide accurate data, in real time, to enable decisions to be taken based on solid evidence, it solves specific problems affecting both large operators and smaller size municipal services.

"No interruption of service is necessary while providing a high level of control over the network that would otherwise be an unaffordable cost"

It makes it possible, for example, for the service not to be interrupted during installation, reducing deployment costs by avoiding adapting pipes and has reduced maintenance over its lifetime, being easily replaceable with no need for specialized personnel. The number of measurement points is easily scalable and can coexist with monitoring systems with pre-existing measurement, including communications infrastructure.

In addition, WETnet monitoring and control services also make a wide range of options possible in data processing and presentation (from simple warnings to simulations and forecasts) in order to support decisions. Both the flow meter, the communication subsystem (RTU and network) and monitoring software respond to market demands and meet the requirements of European Technology Verification (ETV) certification.

International recognition

WETnet has received two honorable mentions in the categories of innovation and technology, during the celebration of WEX Global 2016. Held in the city of Lisbon last February, this is the reference trade meeting worldwide reference among professionals and organizations specializing in the field of water and energy.

A technology that joins other successful results achieved over the 10 years of successful collaboration between ITG and its Italian partners. Solutions for the management of drinking water and sanitation that have been recognized by the European Union as leading practice among more than 900 projects and have even received the recognition (WIZ Project) as the “Best of the Best LIFE Projects in 2015”.  


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