SANEPLAN Software (6/6): Simulations

21 December 2015
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21/12/2015 – In this sixth and last issue of the functionalities of the SANePLAN information system, we show the simulations allowed by the software.

Which simulations is the software capable of?

  • SANePLAN has several features that allow one to perform simulations in the sanitation network and Waste Water Treatment Plants.
  • The user can carry out simulations on existing sanitation infrastructures, ensuring the infrastructure’s capacity. On the one hand, it can check whether existing conduits in the network can withstand an increase of sewage and storm water in the flow carried by the same. On the other hand, it can check if the waste water capacity of the Treatment Plant (WWTP) can endure the sewage increase defined by the user, or if it can provide coverage for a new urban development.
  • The software allows one to export the network so it can execute specific simulation applications in open source such as SWMM, so that users can perform their own simulations.
  • It shows the behaviour of the current infrastructure before future scenarios in 15, 25 and 75 years, where the effects of climate and demographic changes that occur in the future are envisaged.
  • These simulation abilities enhance existing information and are expected to support decision making.

We hope that this series of news feeds regarding SANePLAN information system provide an idea of its potential.


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