SANEPLAN Software (5/6): Costs and energy

01 December 2015
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1/12/2015 - We continue with the series of 6 articles on the SANEPLAN information system dealing with a new module of this software which is currently being tested.

How are all costs and energy consumption derived from sanitation service collected?

  • The system allows the registry of energy and economic costs of the sanitation service. It also estimates CO2 emissions during transport and wastewater treatment.
  • As to the functionality dedicated to the economic costs, users may register costs, actual or estimated costs, in such a way that it allows adequate follow-up.
  • Regarding the energy used in sanitation service, users may register consumption occurring in the transport of the waste water and treatment thereof, both actual and estimated. In this way, one is aware of the energy consumption and the emissions that occur in the waste water cycle.
  • The information provided on the costs and energy used in this part of the water cycle, will allow citizens to be aware of the importance of making rational use of water and energy.



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