Planned Actions

3 pilots projects in Galicia (Spain) and 1 in Tuscany (Italy)
50 organizations committed to the project; Community Knowledge with 200 members; Dissemination to 100,000 recipients

The LIFE+ SANePLAN project includes the implementation in four municipalities, one in the region of Tuscany (Italy), and three in the province of Pontevedra (Spain), and also, it includes the commitment of a 50 entities in both countries (40 in Spain and 10 in Italy); i.e., incorporate, into their policies and actions, the tools, considerations and strategies developed in the project.

The definition of SANePLAN’ services will be carry out with the participation of a Knowledge & Support Community formed by 200 members. The development of this services, with an important GIS content, will be made with advanced and stable technologies based on open source.

One objective of the project will be to achieve 100,000 recipients, through the implementation of a specific web, media communication activities, social networks, working sessions and events, which willbe expected to involve the mainly varied actors of the project.


The project also allows to go in depth of previous solutions and knowledge experiences:

  • WETNET ECO/12/332771 (Innovative in-pipe hot-tap insertion floW sEnsor plus smarT NETworks enable ecowise pervasive monitoring of water distribution grids), in which ITG participates, and it has the objective of bringing to market an innovative low cost flow-meter and control system in order to improve the control of drinking water networks. Project Duration: 2013-2016. (
  • ROEM+ LIFE11 ENV/ES/590 (High resolution approach for management of surface water eutrphication in rural areas of the Duero river basin), led by ITG, which addresses the comprehensive management of the basin to achieve a good ecological status of water. Project Duration: 2012-2015.(
  • SHOWW LIFE10 INF/IT/000282 (PuShing aHead with field implementatiOn of best fitting WasteWater treatment and management solutions), which addreesses sanitation issues and in which PHYSIS participates. Project Duration: 2011-2014
  • WIZ LIFE09 ENV/IT/056 (WaterIze Spatial Planning: encompassing drinkwater management to climate change), which addresses issues related to water planning and climate change, and in which ITG participates. Project Duration: 2010-2013.
  • ASAP LIFE-06-IT-000255 (Actions for Systemic Aquifer Protection), finished in 2009, and which main objetive was related to the protection of underground aquifers. ITG participated in it




Project co-financed

 LIFE12 ENV/ES/000687


  • Tfno: 981 173 206 (ITG, Project Leader)
  • Fax: 981 173 223 (ITG, Project Leader)